“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy

About Victory House Calgary

Victory House Calgary is a parish of The Redeemed Christian Church of God Worldwide. We are dedicated and committed to the teaching of the truth which is based on the Bible and to fulfil the Great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ (Matt 28:19-20). We welcome all without any discrimination on tribe, race and nationality based on Biblical injunction. All preaching is based on the Scripture. Doctrinal beliefs are based on the fact that knowledge, while valuable in itself, is to be used in the service of others. The church respects the uniqueness and dignity of individuals, and believes that the individual’s spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical and social growths complements and fulfill one another. The Ministry Victory House Calgary has a vision to spread the Word of God to the ends of the earth. It is a Bible believing church, where the teaching and a missionary approach emphasize the proper conduct and moral behavior of people. The church has an appeal to all types of people worldwide, with a determination to teach people in their various geographical areas, stages of secular life and levels of spiritual development.